About Us

SDG Impact Awards

The SDG Impact Awards Committee is a nonprofit independent sustainability organization whose membership supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our mission is to increase engagement, awareness and support of the UN SDGs.

  • engages local and global communities
  • provides a platform for corporations and private sector to share their projects with a broader audience
  • recognizes the work of nonprofits, academia, governments and individuals.


SDG Impact Awards & Celebrations

Executive Overview


To increase awareness, support and public engagement surrounding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our purpose is to elevate the SDG achievement rate through program and project coordination, as well as enhanced partnership development.


Online Project Competition

SDGIA Contributors ranging from middle schools to universities, individuals to global corporations, and all the members of the UN community will be invited to post their projects on the SDG Impact Awards website. SDGIA contributors are also encouraged to invite their constituents and contacts to vote for their and other posted projects that they want to support. Voters will be incentivized by the opportunity to win valuable Instant Win prizes with each vote.


Technology That Can Save the Planet

An SDG Impact Awards Special Showcase invitation only event for members of the UN community, corporate leaders and impact investors. This special showcase features exhibits and presentations from a cross section of creative minds ranging from universities, inventors you’ve read about and inventors you’re going to be reading about.


SDGIA Celebrations

Impact Award Nominees from the corporate and government communities will be honored and Impact Award Winners will be announced at these events. Celebrity and VIP participation will provide recognition and publicity for the Nominees and Winners as it is live streamed and archived for an international audience.