The Judges for the SDG Impact Awards

How does it all work?

The SDG Impact Awards are designed to make the public – that’s you – an active participant in changing the direction of the world. With each Sustainable Development Goal you meet, with each project you read and with each vote you cast, you become more active … and more eligible for winning a prize.

Public Voting

Expert Judges for the SDG Impact Awards

It all starts with You.

Families, friends, colleagues, and clients will be invited by project owners to vote for their project. The more votes, the more recognition. The more recognition, the greater the possibility of success of each project has in changing the world into a better place. And of course, the project with the most votes will win.

The Popularity Vote can be given to as many projects as you like within the various possible categories

  • location
  • SDG
  • nominee category

Browse the project gallery, and vote again … and again … and again.
Impact Awards
with Independent Judges
Each time you visit the site and each time you vote for a new project in a new category, you become eligible for international prizes.
Independent judges from academia and the UN community will judge projects on the basis of sustainability and impact. Our independent judges are experts in their field, and no judge takes part in evaluating a project in which he/she has an interest or with which he/she may compete in the marketplace. Judging criteria is based on the economics of delivery of the project. In effect, how cost effective is the solution compared to other solutions in the competition. Additional criteria is impact, what is the impact of the project compared to other solutions in the competition. In the event of ties, multiple awards will be presented. Projects will compete against others in their size category, and awards will be presented locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Major SDG Impact Awards will be presented at an event in NYC. Other national and international events will be announced as scheduled.
Awards to governments are based on statistical improvements on a year to year basis. The underlying data is filed by the governments with the United Nations.