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1. Seek to address long time poverty associated with environmental and social challenges like food and basic amenities to live a good life

2 Addressing individual deficiency in seeing opportunities around them which tlhey can develop and transform

3.Addressing Lack of economic opportunities among women living in the rural area especially in the northern part of Nigeria who seem to suffer more.

4. Lack of entrepreneurship skills to help them thrive and become financially sustainable.

5. Addressing dehumanization and discrimination of women because they are illiterate

6. Addressing  poor access to vocational skills and lack of empowerment for women in the rural area.

7 Addressing Lack of daily income to run the home affairs

8. Lack of business ideas, not knowing what to do in their situation.


1 Adding value to the economic well-being of 200 women

2. Increase in mean income which will help to decrease poverty among rural women.

3.Creation of wealth for impoverished women in the northern part of Nigeria.

4. 200 impoverished women would be trained on confectionery and agro processing  skill acquisition and the needed business ideas to start up a business from the acquired skill,

5 It will break circles of lifelong poverty  barriers that has grown from generation to another.


1.To provide basic business literacy and financial literacy for rural women.

2.To instill an entrepreneurial mindset

3.To create job opportunities for the impoverished

4.Access a working capital to kick start

5.To empower 200 participants on confectionery skill acquisition

6.To promote entrepreneurial skills for sustainable economic development among rural women

7.Make the labor markets more efficient for rural women

8.Generate employment and wealth creation skills for the impoverished in the rural area

BIO Nominee: Julie Obi hold a BSC in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, a registered member with International Trade Centre (ITC) also a member of Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria, After working with bank for four years Julie opted out to pursue her passion and ventured into enterprise, she is the owner of DJULIES SUSTAINABLE EVENT PLACE LTD and currently the business development executive. Julie is committed to the quest of eliminating extreme poverty among rural women, strengthen their participation in the economic development through social inclusion and ensure dignity of labor among women by teaching them how to process nutritional benefits food,connect them to trade opportunities and giving them access to micro credit loan to start a venture in line with the sustainable development goal to end extreme poverty among rural women in Nigeria She has trained 1,850 entrepreneurs on grant proposal writing and had empowered 150 women on food processing skill acquisition. Julie is endorsed and Affiliated to many International trade Platform to promote African Product through exportation. Julie is a Fellow of Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI) An alumni of Global Open Data Management for Agriculture and Nutrition, A partner with Si4dev, An African Change Makers Fellow, A member of American Center Witney M Young Junior US Consulate Lagos. A beneficiary of Shetrade in commonwealth, A Cherie Blair Meentee, A volunteer with Sozo Network, and a United Nations Volunteer.
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