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An educated workforce provides a safe environment for everyone and we are dedicated to creating education services for maritime workers throughout the world, especially in areas where there is little to no professional formation in the field. Our project entails creating easy to access learning experiences in the form of online video conferences, webinar educational events and hands-on experience with experts in the field.

Not only do we create informative courses and experiences for beginners but we have also created a format where experienced maritime workers can grow their career with internationally recognized certificates for navigation, low impact sailing and many other types of courses.

As of today, we have schools in all of the major commercial ports in Italy and collaborate with the private maritime sector in many of the Mediterranean countries including Morocco and Greece.  We have documented 70 webinars ranging from port navigation to managing an ecologically-friendly kitchen on board.

As of next year, we will be holding on-site classes for port authorities, teaching them how to protect the natural fauna that lives in and near their ports.

When everyone aboard understands how their job interacts with others and eventually interacts with the environment, then we have a win-win situation.  Training our future maritime workers and sensitizing them to the role they play in saving our waters is the first step to restoring the beauty of our global waters.

BIO Nominee: Assarmatori is the association for Italy’s Maritime cluster. Italy is a country with an unrivaled shipping community and, historically, it is home to one of the largest European fleets. The largest European insular community lives in Italy, and all the maritime connections are operated by one of the largest ferry fleets in the world. Italy has the second-largest industrial output in Europe which is directly connected to a network of more than 18 commercial ports spread throughout any corner of “Bel Paese”, which is Italy, our beautiful country. Assarmatori is established as a new association for shipowners and operators operating within Italy. This gives for the first time a strong center for representation for the entire maritime industry, both at the national and international levels, which can also generate greater employment in Italy. As another first for Italy, the association members can include the participation of international shipowning groups operating throughout Italy, which also play an important role in the Italian maritime employment market. Assarmatori is the voice of the of the shipping industry in Italy. It works to foster a global playing field and to promote a competitive and open business environment for all shipping activities to enhance the Blue economy. Its mission is to represent all shipping enterprises with a strong and professional voice before all the national, European and international Governments and governmental agencies.
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