Intellectual innovation – To overcome the systemic obstacles to progress of SDGs

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“There can be no sustainable development without peace and no peace without sustainable developments.”


Our proposed project addresses about the systemic obstacles that emerges on the path to advance the culture of peace that we do need for the success of SDGs in actual fact. For further information and clarification, please review this post addressing the systemic obstacles to progress of SDGs, which requires urgent attention of the global community


Impacts of this project are invisible. Changes of embodiment are visible, but we can only feel the changes of mind and spirit in changes of embodiment. This project is specially designed to redefine the mind and spirit of humankind following the core value of SDGs.


“How it is possible?”


For the further clarification, please review the solution initiatives contributed to the UN-HLPF that reviewing the progress of SDGs



This project is based on the sacred vision of our Allhumanity Network that dedicated to serve for the betterment of all humanity worldwide. What we propose is an “Intellectual innovation” to engage the general public creating awareness of the SDGs, therefore, making it a household word.


The main objective of this project is to advance the SDG 4.7 as a simple policy to unite the global community beyond their inherited system of thought, for integrated action to achieve the SDG 16.a for the success of SDGs by time. In fact, all the 17 goals and its associated 169 targets are interlinked, but our efforts to achieve the goals are fragmented, making the progress patchy so far.


The long reaching objects of this project contents the basic potentials that we do need to advance social diversity  and culture of peace and to uproot the basis for racism and radicalization that emerging as a lethal systemic obstacle on the path to success of SDGs in actual fact.


Till now, we are looking forward for “peace through prosperity” neglecting the basis for humanity; though the long reaching objects of SDGs are teaching us to look forward for “prosperity through peace”. I believe the global community would be glad to pay devout attention to the roots of the systemic obstacles on the path to achieve the SDGs leaving no one behind. Thank You


Ajay Singh
BIO Nominee:
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