Want to Help?

There are lots of ways to help the SDGs reach their goals, and make the world a better place for everyone.

5 of our favorite ways you can help

1 – Vote

& support your favorite project. Your vote provides recognition, putting the initiative in front of others and enlarging the possible working base. Once you have voted for a project, share it online through your social media accounts, talk about it to family members and friends and invite others to vote for the project online at SDG Impact Awards.

2 – Reach out

to your favorite project, and ask how you can help. Many times these projects are homespun, working on a shoestring budget – donations and volunteers are always welcome. If you have a special skill set, lots of energy, free time and enthusiasm, or if you want to try and replicate the project in your area, then you are exactly what they are looking for.  All projects have contact information, reach out and let them know you care.

3 – Search your area

and participate in a local project.You don’t have to change continents or learn a new language to effect change.  You can easily start right at home, in your own community.  Search the projects online and find one in your country, state or province or city and then contact them to see how you can best serve for the success of the project.

4 – Donate

to SDG Impact Awards and help us spread the word.  SDG Impact Awards is always looking for sponsors and donations in order to reach more and more people through marketing, public relations, events and new initiatives to help spread the word about the SDG and the challenges they provide all of the world.

5 – Sponsor

the SDG Impact Awards and help us change the world.  Sponsors benefits have been designed to help you raise recognition for your projects while giving – contact us directly for more information.


The SDG Impact Awards has a limited amount of funds available to help support projects that it deems worthwhile.